Reverse Logistics Solutions

Premier Repair and Refurbishment Depot in Canada

The world’s biggest electronics brands trust Microland to turn their Reverse Logistics services into a competitive advantage

Component Level Repair

We repair electronics right down to the component level including BGA rework


Transform your returns into sellable ‘like-new’ condition


Serviced goods can stay in our secured, warehouse in Canada’s largest city


Drop ship your service parts and refurbished goods directly to your customer or ASP from our warehouse

Staging & Config

Final assembly, image loading and software configuration to ensure successful deployments

Screening & Testing

Ensuring that only valid returns are accepted and providing exhaustive triage testing

Ready to save time and money?

Solutions we provide

Returned Cell Phones

Returns Management

It’s the post holiday season and you’re overwhelmed with returns flooding your warehouses. New models are launching next quarter and soon these returns will be worth close to nothing. You’re under pressure to convert these returns into revenue, and fast. What do you do?
Laptop Repair

Warranty Management

Anything less than stellar after-sales service will hurt your brand loyalty. You can’t afford to leave your customers with a bad impression when they need you the most. If you want to reduce your turnaround times and repeat return rates, then we can help. If you want to do it while keeping your costs down, then we can really help.
Cell Phone Board Repair

Parts Management

A steady parts supply is the lifeblood of your field service teams. There is great value in the defective parts that your techs are pulling and we can help you unlock it. By having your field techs return all defective parts to us, we can test, repair and refurbish the parts and reintroduce them into your supply chain. How much money could you save by not having to constantly purchase new parts?

Technologies we service


Desktops, Laptops, Printers, LCDs, etc…

Point of Sale

Terminals, Receipt Printers, Scanners, Peripherals, etc…


Cell Phones, Tablets, Smart Watches, GPS, etc…

Home Theater

Receivers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Disc Players, Streaming Devices, etc…


Motherboards, Video Cards, Sound Cards, etc…


Routers, Switches, Modems, etc…

Home Electronics

Gaming Consoles, Set Top Boxes, Home Automation Equipment, etc..

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Microland is now a Sony Authorized Service Center

Microland is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized service center for Sony home audio products! Beginning immediately, dealers and end users can bring us any Sony Home Audio/Video product which includes: ReceiversSound BarsSubwoofersBlu-Ray/CD/DVD...

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Why you NEED to have an ‘in country’ service center

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