Reverse Logistics

Fulfillment & Logistics

Fulfillment & Logistics

Microland's fulfillment and logistics services integrate seamlessly with our broader portfolio of solutions to provide the complete range of fulfillment processes for our customers.

With a more than 99% inventory accuracy rate, Microland supports inbound and outbound logistics operations, including value-added services such as repair, kitting, testing, and cross-docking. Our warehouse facility uses reliable, documented processes with technologies that optimize labor scheduling and space usage, resulting in cost savings for clients.

Our fulfillment and logistics value-added services include:

  • Multi-channel fulfillment: retail, distributor, B2B and end user
  • Barcode label integration
  • 24/7 online inventory visibility
  • EDI for seamless order processing

A growing opportunity for improving competitiveness and profitability can be found in areas related to reintroducing returned products into the typical fulfillment channels. Our depot repair experience allows Microland to provide you with the unique advantage of refurbishing whole units and spare parts back into the fulfillment stream, saving you money from replenishing inventory.